Cleaning Cinder

Cinder is designed to minimize the mess created when cooking a meal. Before cleaning Cinder, we recommend you wait at least 30 minutes after cooking for it to cool down.

Removable Drip Tray

    1. Cinder’s removable, dishwasher safe drip tray will catch the majority of waste produced when cooking. Before and after every use, ensure the drip tray is clean.

    2. After cooking  on Cinder, use a plastic spatula to guide the drippings into the bottom left corner, dispose of in the drip tray.

    3. Remove drip tray and empty it in a garbage or compost bin – as always, do not pour fats and oils down your kitchen sink.

[Photo of Drip Tray]

Detachable Cooking Plates

  1. Cinder’s cooking plates are detachable and safe to wash under running water, taking care that water only contacts the nonstick side. Do not submerge the plates in water, which may affect the embedded electronics.

  2. Removing the bottom plate

    1. Press on the grey plate release button, just below the bottom right corner of the plate.

    2. The bottom plate will pop-up out of the latch. Lift and remove.

    3. To reattach the bottom plate, align the back latches on the plate with the corresponding hinge attached to Cinder. This will guide the heating coil to properly attach to Cinder.

    4. To remove the top plate, you’ll need two hands. ENSURE THE TOP COOKING PLATE IS COOL ENOUGH TO TOUCH PRIOR TO REMOVAL.

    5. Use your left hand at the top center of the handle to hold Cinder open. Use your left-hand thumb to press up the light grey plate release button.

    6. The plates should slightly pop out and fall open. Use your right hand to grab the plate.

Wiping Cinder

  1. It is best to use a damp paper towel with a small amount of soap to wipe Cinder clean.

  2. Use the paper towel to wipe the slides, divot, dial and LED screen clean.

  3. [Pic of Cleaning Cinder]