The Cinder Grill communicates in a couple of ways, including via the colors of the light-up ring around the control knob

Here are the different colors the light-up ring can display and their meanings:

Off:         Idle mode (the Cinder Grill is not currently performing any task)

Solid blue:     Cooking under manual control.

Flashing blue:     Cooking under remote control via the App.

Yellow:     Calibrating the device

Green:     Calibration done

Red:         Searing mode or error signal.

If the light-up ring turns red it means either that the Cinder is in searing mode or that the Cinder Grill is having an issue. Please check the message displayed on the LCD screen for clarification if necessary  If troubleshooting according to the advice listed here doesn't resolve the issue, please follow these steps:

1) Document the issue. The cooking temperature when the issue happened, whether the Cinder was under manual control or the App, the model of phone used, and any other pertinent details.

2) Contact us at  for assistance.