When the Cinder Grill displays "Top Plate Detached" or "Bottom Plate Detached" errors, please follow these steps:

1)  Double-check that the plates are correctly aligned and 'clicked in'. Sometimes they can be very close to but not precisely where they should be.  

2) Switch the positions of the plates. Sometimes one plate fits slightly better in one position than the other, and this can resolve the issue.

3) Press firmly on each plate to ensure its connection and to observe if the message goes away when more pressure is applied. This is useful information.

However, if this does not resolve the issue, please follow these steps:

1) Document the issue. The cooking temperature when the issue happened, whether the Cinder was under manual control or the App, the model of phone used, and any other pertinent details.

2) Contact us at help@cindergrill.com  for assistance.  

In this one also use titles in bold and underlined
and label them as steps
Nye Martin  5:06 PM
good thing i couldn'tget them to go up, I guess

michel:smartsmoker:  5:06 PM
for instance step 1 - make sure the plates are aligned step 2 - switch plates etc